The Dandelion-Piper

14. August 2019
This time I uploaded a special video:
A tune written by me
for a very special friend!
(Listed underMedia.)
23. January 2019
There are News!
Two old videos I forgot to upload
and many brand new photos!
(Listed underMedia.)
23. June 2016

Now you can find here:

-> Pictures of me on the "About" page
-> Animated slideshows in the "Media / Photos"-Area
-> New preview-pictures in the "Videos"-Area
-> A brandnew video
-> And photos from the "Rapaje Zomerfolk Festival 2016"

28. March 2016

The next year is allready running on,
 the 10th Winter School is history...

And I have a brand new Video for you!

(Listed under Media.)

28. November 2015

Today a great Join-In-event took placed,
 in Memory of the victims of the terrorist attacks:


My contribution can be found under Media,
namely under Photos A
ND under Videos!

The Link to the event:
BAGPIPES 4 PEACE auf Facebook

01. September 2015

So, now it's official!

I not only play the pipe, I'm also singing!
Evidence? Is there as a video!

(Listed under Media.)

25. July 2015

Just freshly arrived:

A video from the MPS Bückeburg.
And it'll go to a kilt.
Or more precisely around
MY kilt.
(Listed under Media.)

Also there a three new links to:


the Animal Park Olderdissen

and to

Kleine Herzen (little hearts).ev
(Listed under Links.)

23. July 2015
After a lot of thinking and plenty of
time spent, I created a new logo, which
 you can find here, on my Facebook-Page
and on my Youtube Chanel.
05. July 2015

There is something new and that's three
new links that will lead you to

Celtica Pipes Rock,

the Clan MacCrow,

and the

Highland Dragon Pipe Band

(Listed under Links.)

23. May 2015

It took a while, but now there are
finally some news
And although a lot of them!
For the first, there are some new
and the second:


(All listed under Media.)

05. February 2015

The new year is already well under way
and I can now finally present the first
photos of
me and my
(Listed under Media)

11. October 2014

Finally it's done!

The homepage of the
goes online!

I wish you much fun on my page!