The Dandelion-Piper


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Birthday: 10. September
Zodiac: Virgo
Eye color: Green-Brown
Hair Color (Natural): Dark blond

Favorite food:
First breakfast, Second breakfast, 11 o'clock snack,
Lunch ... Well, you know!

And otherwise:
Haggis, roast chicken, bread soup,
Fried potatoes with milk soup, Plain fare, ...
The main thing: Good and Plenty!

Favorite sweets:
Actually pretty much every sweets, but most like
Jelly Beans and "Groninger Notenkoek"
Favorite colors: To cite a friend of mine:
"The world is much too colorful for only one favorite color."

But I tend more to the "Dandelion-colors",
Yellow, White and Green. And to "Rapalje-Red".

Why precisely the Bagpipe?

I was fascinated by this instrument since I saw the televised broadcast of the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, but didn't think I would ever get the chance to learn, how to play the Pipe. I've been playing different flutes a couple of years, ranging from recorder, over transverse flute, up to the tin whistle. But with the Highland Pipe I had my doubts, because learning this isn't simple. Also, I have incredible respect for those who have mastered this instrument, as well as the for the history of the Great Highland Pipe and Scotland. Therefore, for me was clear from the beginning: When I learn this instrument, then properly and under professional guidance.

By chance I met Pipe Major David Johnston, who drew my attention to one of his Piper courses. At first I hesitated, but then quickly came to the conclusion: Why not?
At the beginning of 2014, I did the trip to Brüggen, where within a week I made ​​my first actual attempts and advances on the practice chanter, met a lots of new friends and finally decided:
will  become a Piper!

Why is the dandelion in the name and emblem?
"Bad weeds grow tall!" (German: "Unkraut vergeht nicht!")
This not only  describe a characteristic of dandelions, but also one of my family. We never give up and if, we always come back on our feet. And then we are stronger than before.
And somehow I always found Dandelions the most beautiful of all "bad weeds".